Tuesday, 8 June 2010

ATLAS dark data

It was quite a while ago since we did not take the broom and did a bit of cleaning in our disks. One week ago we performed a Storage consistency check for the ATLAS data at PIC. Luckily, the tools and scripts to automatise this task have evolved quite a lot since we tried this last time so the whole procedure is now quite smooth.
In the process we have almost 4 million ATLAS files at PIC, and about 10% of them appeared to be "dark", i.e. sitting on the disk but not registered in the LFC Catalog. Another 3,5% were also darkish but of another kind: they were registered in our local Catalog but not in the DDM central one.
The plots on the left show the effect of this cleaning campaign. Now the blue (what ATLAS thinks there is at PIC) and red (what actually we have on disk) lines are matching better.
So, this would go into the "inefficiency" of experiments using the disks. We have quantified this to be of the order of 90%. Substantially higher than the 70% which is in general used for WLCG capacity planning.

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