Thursday, 20 May 2010

ATLAS torrent

It is true that this starts to be quite routine, but still I can not avoid to open my eyes wide when I see ATLAS moving data at almost 10 GB/s.
The plot shows the last 24h as shown in the DDM dashboard right now. Incoming traffic to PIC is shown in the 2nd plot. Almost half Gig sustained, not bad. Half to DATADISK and half to MCDISK.
Last but not least, the 3rd plot shows the traffic we are exporting to the Tier2s, also about half Gig sustained overall.
There is a nice feature to observe in the 2 last plots: the dip around last midnight. This is due to an incident we had with one of the DDN controllers. For some still unknown reason, the second controller did not take over transparently. Something to understand with the vendor support in the next days. Stay tuned.
Having into account the severity of the incident, it is nice to see that the service was only affected for few hours. Manager on Duty fire brigade took corrective action in a very efficient manner (ok Gerard!).
Now, let the vendors explain us why the super-whooper HA mechanisms are only there when you test them but not when you need them.

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