Monday, 5 May 2008

Throttling up

After the last power stop, it's the time for PIC to throttle up and catch up with the regular activity of the high demanding LHC experiments requirements. That is a good test also to show the ability of the services, either at the site or at CERN to achieve steady running after some days of outage. Concerning the two most important and critical services: the computing power and the data I/O, the nominal activity was reached extremely fast with a time gap of 30 minutes between the starting of the PIC pilot factory and the fact that more than 500 jobs were successfully running (pic.1):

On the other hand, for the data transfers the delay was even shorter, after restarting the site services at CERN only took about 5 minutes to start triggering data in and out from PIC (pic.2 -files done- and pic.3-Throughput in MB/s-):

Due to the complexity of the system and the number of cross-dependencies for each of this single services that were successfully recovered one can conclude that the "re-start" was extremely successful :)... but of course everything can be improved !

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