Friday, 18 April 2008

Pic farm kicking

Two days ago the new HP blades were deployed at PIC after doing the required current update at the RAC level. The new CPUs are amazingly fast and ATLAS production system is feeding our nodes with a huge amount of jobs which are being devorated by the blades. We reached a peak of more than 500 jobs running in parallel and almost 1000 jobs finished in one day, only taking into account the ATLAS VO.
This is clearly visible in the following figures, impressive ramp-up in walltime and jobs finished per day:

Notice there are some reds in the figures as there were some configuration errors at the very beginnig, quickly resolved by the people maintaining the batch system (new things always bring new issues!).

The contribution of the Spanish sites to ATLAS MonteCarlo production has been throttled, altgough we are far from the gigantic Tier-1s we are firmly growing up and showing robustness (figure below: spanish sites are tagged as "ES" and shown in blue):

We keep seeing the advantage of using the pilot jobs schema as the new nodes were rapidly spotted by this "little investigators" and some hours after the deployment, all the blades were happily fizzing.

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