Monday, 14 April 2008

Network bottleneck for the Tier-2s

Last week we reached a new record at PIC: the export transfer rate to the Tier-2 centres. On wednesday the 9th April, around noon, we were transfering data to the Tier-2s at 2Gbps. CMS started very strong on Moday. Pepe was so happy with the resurrected FTS, that started to comission channels to the Tier-2s like hell. Around thursday, CMS lost a bit of steam, but it looks like ATLAS kicked in exporting data to the UAM at a quite serious rate, so the weekly plot ends up quite fancy (attached picture).
The not-so-good news are that actually this 2Gbps is not only a record, but a bottleneck. At CESCA, in Barcelona, the Catalan RREN routes our traffic to RedIRIS (non-OPN sites) through a couple of Gigabit cables. Last October they confirmed us this fact (and now we have measured it ourselves) and also told us that they were planning to migrate this infrastructure to 10Gbps. So far so good. Now let's see if with the coming kick-off of the Spanish Networking Group for WLCG this plan gets to reality.

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