Monday, 1 March 2010

LHC is back!

On February, the 7th, the CMS collaboration received the final positive referee report and publication acceptance on their very first Physics Results publication. The paper reports on first measurements of hadron production in proton-proton collisions occurred during the LHC commissioning December 2009 period. The successful operation and fast fata analysis impressed the editors and the entire collaboration was congratulated... and a party followed afterwards at CERN! ;)

This paper is under publication in JHEP and others will follow. CMS went into a major water-leak repair during the Winter shutdown, and now we are ready for more data. In fact, the LHC has restarted operations this weekend, and a few splash events have been already recorded by CMS.

After twenty years of design, tests, construction and commissioning, now is time for CMS collaborators to enjoy the long LHC run. LHC, we are prepared for the beams!

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