Friday, 8 May 2009

CPU ramp up

This week, on monday 4th May, the capacity of the Computing Service at PIC suffered a substantial increase. The number of available cores almost doubled in one go, so now we have a total of about 1400 cores. This corresponds to the deployment of 90 new (blade) servers, the MoU-2009 purchase of the Tier-1.
These new Worker Nodes have a L5420 Intel Xeon processor, which should give us better power consumption to specs ratio. This figure is important these days, when input power issues appear everywhere you go.
The first thing we wanted to check when powering on this new capacity was how stable was the temperature inside the machine room, and it looks that this has been ok. The other interesting issue is to see how well the Torque and Maui servers scale when doubling the number of nodes. We will need to keep an eye also in the scaling of the CEs...

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