Thursday, 10 July 2008

Cosmic Rays Illuminate CMS II !

Some displays of selected CMS events containing global muon tracks are now available. 5% of the processed events do contain a global track, often also with calorimetric hits nearby. For rendering reasons, only part of the tracker is shown, even if most of the layers are hit. That's good news overall!


Gonzalo said...

Nice to see that CMS is taking cosmics data with most of the detector!
I definetly like the look-and-feel of the event display... a bit star-trekie.
By the way, anyone knows what's the meaning of that frog on the bottom left corner?

joseflix said...

Hi Gonzalo,

even there will be a remote event display that is being developed atm and it will be available soon.

We have now some kind of live TV, were events, sub-detectors performance, trigger rates, etc... are streamed. Not cool, but useful. But this is under development, also, not yet for general public...

FROG means: