Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words...

During the run2 of the CCRC08 (Common Computing Readiness Challenge), ATLAS tested the full chain of Distributed Computing Activities as if the detector was working: CERN=>T1s data exportation, T1 cross-transfers, T1s=>T2s data replication, Data Reprocessing and Simulated events production. The overall exercise was a success, in spite of small failures and outages that weren't strong enough to spoilt the tests. We tested the full chain and push the distribution over the limits (200% nominal rates) , now we are more confident while waiting for the protons to collide -end of August !-

PIC demonstrated it's reliability during the whole month achieving an efficiency of 91% (Best Tier-1) acquiring data, the high demanding reprocessing jobs push the Worker Nodes and pools to the limit and was very useful to the collaboration. Also the Tier-2s received data without major problems, I want to mention all PIC team that made possible such a good performance in every single activity. And as I mentioned in the title... A picture is worth a thousand words:

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