Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter downtime, and February reliability

We have just had our yearly shutdown. PIC was completely stopped for more than 24 hours... how cool is a silent machine room!
The main intervention was the upgrade of 5 racks to 32A power lines. Now we can plug our HP blade centers. Will see how the PBS behaves when we scale-up the number of Workers by a factor of three.
This week we also got the results for the February reliability from the WLCG office. Our colleagues from Taiwan got the gold medal (100% reliability) breaking CERN's monopoly on this figure. PIC's reliability was very good as well. Actually, we reached our record: 99% reliability. And we got the silver medal for February.
The small 1% that we missed this time to reach the 100% was due to few hours of problems caused by a log file not rotating in the pnfs and a "not enough transparent" intervention in the Info System for dCache, which is still quite patchy for SRMv2.2.
Most probably next month's result will not be so green, due to the unscheduled power cut we had last week and the scheduled yearly shutdown this week. So, let's enjoy our silver medal until the next results come.

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